Whereabouts of Stamping leather using stamping tools

Leather is one of the amazing natural resource which has served mankind for years. The leather is yield from animals like cows, oxen and more. The leather thus obtained may not have smoothness or proper finish. In order to make it ready for moulding or to get a smooth texture, the leather has to be tanned first. Each leather vary by thickness and texture from animal to animal. This is the reason why industries uses splitters to slice the thickness of the leather. This will help them obtain leather of equal thickness. When the thickness is reduced, it will be easy to shape it up as per our wish.

leather stamping tools

Another most essential tool in leather products manufacturing industry will be leather stamping tools. The craft tool stamps are used to embellish the beauty of the leather made products. There are special equipments to carve the designs on the leather material. Using a hard metal faced hammers might damage the stamping tool. It is important to hold the striker and the mallet head properly to avoid damage to the tool as well as to avoid injuries while hammering.

The leather stamp should be tanned and sliced first to get a beautiful finish and avoid matte look. This process of tanning and slicing is called moistening and the process of decorating the leather is called stamping. Also there are many stamping tools available in the market such that you can try crafting with the piece of leather at your home too.