Top 3 Skillshare Logo Design Tutorials

It is well known that a logo is the identity of a company; it represents the concept of the company which a consumer can understand with just one glance. Skillshare logo tutorials include a bunch of talented and experienced artists who are willing to share their knowledge with you, so that you may grow your skills in design and go into the professional world with apt information and talent.

Skillshare has a wide variety of tutorials that are over 18000 videos worth of information, it ranges from illustration to animation to photography. Skillshare videos go from free to premium, and the premium videos are super affordable. The amazing concept of Skillshare is that you can not only learn from professionals from all over the world but also, do it from the comforts of your couch. It is the best opportunity for you to learn from the best and at affordable cost nonetheless.

Below are top 3 Skillshare logo tutorials that are well worth your time:

Ink drawing:

Japanese illustrator who is based in New York now, Yuko Shimizu has been creating an amazing ink drawing for years. With a following of 35,000 subscribers on Skillshare, she shares everything you need to know about the various techniques that go into the design and the tools one should use to create authentic drawings that have personality. Her class has a runtime of 90 minutes in which she also covers the various inks to use and watercolor designing, as well. Her class has been received positively and almost 24,000 more students are signing up for it. Yuko’s classes are a series of 14 videos.

Logotype Master Class:

Jessica Hische is a letterer, typographer, and an illustrator. Through the online class, she will give you an inside look on how to refresh type based logos. Don’t let the word Master class intimidate you. The class is for beginners as well, Jessica will take you through a tutorial on how to polish vector logos in Adobe Illustrator, how to improve an existing project or start from scratch. She is known for handling big-time clients like Wes Anderson and Victoria’s Secret.

Logo Design:

Aaron Draplin is a well-known name in the logo design industry. He is the founder of Draplindustries Design Co., where he has worked with a number of editorials. In his tutorial, Adam will guide you through the process of logo designing by showing you how he works with his personal project; his family crests. He teaches you how to conduct a background research, apply color and be aware of the various tricks and tips that are involved in Logo designing.


Learning something new is a never-ending process which means that even if you are not a beginner it is advised to learn something new from somebody who has a better experience than you. It helps you learn and open up to new experiences, Skillshare logo designs help with that understanding.