The perfect person in Developing Leadership in Pakistan


With time, there is a requirement to get access to quality education. this can be brought about with the digital technologies as well as the internet. this can actually give the power of knowledge.

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Bashir Dawood&MariyamDawood: the pioneers in Supporting Educational Initiatives

The SulemanDawood School Of Business (SDSB) came up as the first school with the LUMS. The find came on behalf of Bashir Dawood & MariyamDawood, this gave its renewed name as the Bashir’s father. This came up as the one with the vision of providing practical, knowledge to Pakistani youth. the curriculum that was founded also proved to be the challenging, relevant and can be a better one over the traditional educational approaches.

Why are they so much reported?

They have gained a reputation with the vast fund they have invested for the better growth of the youth population in Pakistan. this could be totally ensured with the quality education. The Preeminent philanthropists namely Bashir Dawood&MariyamDawood actually helped a lot in facilitating the development of numerous educational institutions. This could be brought about the best with the support to learn as well as thrive in the modern world.


This could be taken up as the innovative approach to education which could also flourish itself with the notable international support. There is huge support from the Leading educational pioneers. Some of them are like the University of Western Ontario as well as the Harvard University who totally supported the initiative.