One Of The Most Common Display Products

A wide range of PVC banner is available in a variety of size and materials and is suitable for event usage or as birthday banners.

What is PVC Banner?

PVC banner is one of the most common display products that is used widely for a variety of purposes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to the nature of the material and it’s also cheap and economical. BruceBanner is able to print PVC banner up to a width of 3.2m with no limit on the length being the leader in pvc banner printing singapore. The largest single piece PVC banner that has printed before is of width 3.2m and length 20m. BruceBanner can do PVC banner of a width larger than 3.2m if required by the clients and will have to join and stitch up two separate pieces of PVC banner together to form the final piece.

Types of PVC Banner Finishing

You can choose between two PVC banner:

  1. Eyelet Finishing – tying strings are not provided for the eyelet finishingpvc banner printing singapore
  2. Pocket Finishing – poles are not provided for the pocket finishing

A Thing to Note For

  • Each PVC banner order includes printing and production of the banner
  • You can choose to have either eyelet finishing or pocket finishing for each PVC banner
  • There will be additional charges.
  • No minimum order required.

Is There a Turnaround Time?

BruceBanner will require 2 working days for printing after confirmation of artwork and the PVC banner will be available for collection/delivery on the next working day.