IGCSE TUTOR Hong Kong ARE working like working in a university 

Learner profit through IGCSE tutors HG

Classes are based on clearly understood set of values which ensures stability and consistency. IGCSE tutors HG is not subjected to drift. The consistent standard is maintained   from last 5 years.

Proper planning

The main aim of IGCSE tutors HG is to design proper lecture plans in estimated date and time so it covers complete syllabus of IGCSE / IB curriculum.

We also organize programme which contains the book of knowledge as virtual explanations, demo classes for biology, chemistry classes as well as miracle videos which make the subject more interesting and scoring.  Presentation room is provided for a virtual demo.

Proper execution of lecture plan

A team of ib tutor hong kong and IGCSE tutor Hong Kong supervise each student from day 1 and provide proper guidance’s including extra class facility, cover the tough topics twice, much  focus on numerical and provide some extra time for practicing. You can easily issue standard books and notes from our library section. Daily practice sets are provided for revision and for learning. Absentee’s students are also followed by our team member. Proper executions of lecture plans are checked by our authorized member.

Outcomes from activities cause Reflection in high grade

If execution of lecture is on time then we set time for revision practice classes.  This provides our students with the ultimate advantage and scores well in exam most important factor of about ib chemistry class is that somewhat similarity in questions found in the main exam as earlier provided in a practice set   . Online test series are conducted which contains 5 years of previous papers. Hence the earlier you start practicing with our IGCSE Tutor HK, and the more papers we revise, you will definitely secure high grades in IGCSE/IB in all subjects.