How to choose the surrogate mother?

If you are one among the couples who are searching to get a child in their life? If so you are here at right place to get some idea of what is a surrogate mother fertility procedure. The methods like ivf, surrogacies are getting popular in recent years only. This may be due to the change in our lifestyle. If a woman is unable to get a child in a natural way or through ivf then they can opt for the surrogacy method. Many people have a doubt of what is surrogate baby. They may be unaware of the surrogate mother also. The procedure involves taking the egg from the female, sperm from the male and forming the embryo from this using the IVF method. After the embryo has formed the child is implanted into the surrogate mother for carrying. In this process your child will be completely going to grow in other woman’s womb.

The surrogate mothers can be approached through the health care agencies. You should be more concerned in choosing the health agency and the surrogate mother as they are the one who is going to carry your child. If you have decided to choose the surrogate mother you can have a list of surrogate mothers that the health agency is currently dealing with. From them choosing the right surrogate mother is depending upon you. It will be based on the condition between both side and the surviving area of the surrogate mother. You need to choose the surrogate mother nearer to the hospital and also close to the pharmacy shop as you need to reach the hospital in case of any emergency.

The next criteria to look over while choosing surrogate will be the health condition of the surrogate mother also. You have to make sure from the doctor whether they will be fit both physically and mentally for carrying a child during the pregnancy. Get the physical certificate from the doctor to have a hassle free pregnancy. Check whether the surrogate mother is to the age that is mostly recommended by the doctor. Normally choose surrogate above 21 years old.