Dispute around South China Sea


South China Sea is a disputed part of Pacific Ocean, many country claims that this is the part of t heir country. they are Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, the People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia including China. Around 5 trillion dolor of US trade passes through this root, So many country including US want this water root to be international water, in this manner they conduct Freedom of navigation move.

Occupying a huge area

South China Sea is a giant area which could be equal to the sum of area of Vietnam, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Actually it is a set of two island namely Paracel along with Spratly and Scarborough. In order to claim the area in this Island, every country around this has setup many resort on the Island. According to South China Sea news, when it comes to China’s territorial integrity, they do not accept the abetment of an inch.

Interference of China between US-Korea relation

Recently, Donald Trump has objected the interference of china in the deal of US- Korea Nuclear deal and he has expected that the deal which was done between Kim Jong Un and him will be considered as contract is being signed already. There is an international political drama where there is somtime north Korea accepting the deal and sometime denying the deal between them and US because there is intervation of China as North Korea depends on China in many means.


China and North Korea relation is more then one and half century old. Both share the border of 1400 km and nearly 67% of North Korea export goes to China and about 61% of import comes to China, so this record shows the old bond between two countries. China is the food provider for North Korea; hence anyone can imagine the correlation between china us north korea relations.  Hence, China, US, North Korea relations is heating up day by day and for world peace a resolution id needed over here